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Welcome! This is hikainoo, a livejournal community dedicated to Yaotome Hikaru and Inoo Kei.


① This is a community for Hikaru and Inoo, so we expect posts about Hikaru and Inoo. No general HSJ posts and posts that are strictly about one or the other. Keep the comm relevant with relevant posts!
② We're yaoi-friendly, but we're not forcing you to link them romantically. If slash is not your cup of tea, that's alright. Don't make a big deal about it. No srs business here, 'kay? :D
③ R and NC-17 fics and downloads must be locked. But if you've crossposted downloads at 3498574 different comms anyway, well then lol.
④ Only post fanfiction in which Hikainoo is the main pairing, be it friendship or romantic. Fanfiction posts without Hikainoo will be deleted. When posting fanfiction, following this format is preferred:

We're not so strict about the format. As long as your fanfiction has a rating, you're good to go.
⑤ Respect others and put images over 300 x 300 pixels, videos and long text under a cut. Here's how to do an LJ cut.

See? Simple as that. Users that don't make use of LJ cuts when needed will be given a warning.
⑥ Don't make wank. :| Respect fellow members and be civil.
⑦ Graphics/layout posts are allowed, but please post them only if Hikainoo is its main focus. For everything else, there's hey_say.
⑧ Tag your posts! Check the tags before you make a request. Don't forget to say thanks. Looking for a certain picspam or fanfic on the comm? Check the memories.
⑨ Post in proper English!!
⑩ Have fun. :D


Any questions? You may contact one of the mods below.

email: secretboots @ gmail.com (shut up)

email: itoshinoplaygirl @ yahoo.com



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